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Overview of the City of Miyakonojo

➤ Miyakonojo Profile


The City of Miyakonojo is located in the southeast area of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main islands that make up Japan. Miyakonojo-shi is a city located in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2012, Miyakonojo City has a population of more than 170,000 residents, which is the third largest in Southern Kyushu after Kagoshima City and Miyazaki City.

By car, it takes only 40 minutes from Miyazaki Airport to Miyakonojo City via the highway and very convenient to travel to the many touristic destinations in Miyazaki Prefecture and surrounding prefectures in Kyushu.

It is only 30 mins flight from Miyazaki Airport to the largest city, Fukuoka in Northern Kyushu and it is only a 2 hour drive to Kagoshima City, famous for the picturesque Mt. Sakurajima in Kinkou bay. The area's climate is very much influenced by its proximitiy to Mt. Kirishima and Mt. Sakurajima, with four distinct season as indicated below.

The Miyakonojo basin, as the heart of our hometown is bordered by the beautiful Kirishima mountain range and blessed with green fertile land and an abundance of clean fresh water, creating a rich and pleasant. environment.

The City of Miyakonojo has the 2nd biggest geographical area of all the towns in Miyazaki Prefecture, thus building the reputation of an economically, culturally and strategically important city in the region.

  • Population: 171,249 (Oct.1st,2012) Male 80,598, Female 90,651
  • Households: 77,146 (Oct 1st, 2012)
  • Area: 653.8km² Height Above Sea Level (City Hall): 146.4m
  • Location (City Hall): Longitude 131º03’50” Latitude 31º42’58”
  • Climate (2009): Average 16.9ºC High 34.7ºC Low -5.0ºC

☀ Climate of Miyakonojo, Japan

Japan has “Four season”. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

春 (Spring, from April to June, average temperature of Miyakonojo approx.15 ℃ ) It is warm. It's still cool in the morning and the evening, so you will still need a light jacket if you're walking outside at that time. The sunshine's not harsh at all, and it's not too hot in the day either. Japan's famous for its cherry blossoms in this season, so ideal weather for walking and viewing one of the symbols of Japan.


夏(Summer, from July to August, temperature of Miyakonojo, approx. 28 ℃):It gets hot and the sun shines bright, you shouldn't stay outside around mid noon. It's the time to go to the beach and have a swim, under the clear blue sky.


秋(Autumn, from September to November, temperature of Miyakonojo approx. 19 ℃): It starts to get cool again in the morning and night compared to summer, and it will definitely need a light jacket outside at that time. The leaves turn brown because of the coolness, as well get ready for the winter. If you go to the mountains during this season, you can see the beautiful “red leaves”. In Miyakonojo, it is a popular time to go hiking because it gets cool and the temperature's just right to have a long walk in the mountains...


冬(Winter, from December to March, average temperature of Miyakonojo approx. 6 ℃, sometimes minus ℃):A lot of the trees drops all leaves off, and in some places snow falls. The air is very cold whether snow falls or not, however you will need your winter coat. The days are shorter than any of the other seasons; the sun rises late and dawn breaks early.


⚡ What voltage the electricity is supplied in Japan?

socketJapan's voltage is 100V, Type A. To convert the voltage, both “power conversion plug” and “transformer” are required. Please check the power consumption of electrical appliances also make sure of the capacity of the transformer.

✞ Places of Worship

Miyakonojo Johnan Church (Near Miyakonojo City Hall)
Japanese temple ( Tenryuzan Syogoji in Miyakonojo)

☎ Important Phone Numbers

  • ☎ 110 (Police, crimes or accidents)
  • ☎ 119 (Fire, fire trucks, ambulances for fires, injuries, or sudden illness)
Miyakonojo City Hall
  • city hall
  • ☎(0986) 23-2111
Electricity / Gas / Water/ Garbage
  • Kyushu Electric Power Co. Ltd.
    ☎ 0120-986-705
  • Gas (Miyazaki Gas)
    ☎ (0986) 38-7500
  • Waterworks Bureau Operations Division
    ☎ (0986) 23-4510
Inquiries (Night-time) regarding holiday and night-time medical care
  • Miyakonojo Emergency Medical Center
    Adress, 5822-3 Ooiwada-cho .
    ☎ (0986) 39-1100
    Night-time medical care (7PM~7AM)
  • station
  • JR Kyushu Miyakonojo
    Adress,4553 Sakaemachi
    ☎ (0986) 23-3954
  • Miyakonojo Police Station
    Adress,4-17 Higashi-machi
    ☎ (0986) 24-0110

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