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Admission Documents


  1. ➥ HIJLA Application guidelines for student admission
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  2. ➥ HIJLA Application schedule
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  3. ➥ Document checklist
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  4. ➥ HIJLA Application for Enrollment Form
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  5. ➥ Statement of financial support (designated format)
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  6. ➥ Statement of studying Japanese in Japan (designated format)
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  7. ➥ Letter of guarantee to pay expenses (designated format)
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  8. ➥ Emergency point of contact overseas and domestic point of contact (designated format)
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  9. ➥ Student Pledge
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Minimum requirement from Japanese immigration office before entering Japan with the purpose of studying Japanese. Japanese Language Study record certification (document showing level and no. of hours studied) . One of the following (1) to (3) will be required.
  1. JLPT(Japanese language proficiency test) 4th grade test pass certification or higher level or
  2. BJN (Business Japanese Proficiency test ) score over 300 Certification or
  3. Certification of studying Japanese language (over 150 hours) .
It means those who have already clear the first half of the beginner Japanese class.(Definition of Japanese language school in the country of origin)
  • The authorized Japanese school in the country of origin has to have a certified curriculum-based course.
  • Small cram school and coaching school lesson hours cannot be permitted as a official certification.
  • Requires original certification which shows 150 hours or more of language studies.


Tuition and other fees (Unit:Yen)

Admission Tuition Education Materials Sub Total Grand Total
Letter of Acceptance 50,000 - - 50,000 -
On receipt of Certificates of Eligibility - 540,000 80,000 620,000 -
Total (1 Year) 50,000 540,000 80,000 670,000 -
Second Year - 540,000 60,000 600,000 -
Total at 2 Years 50,000 1,080,000 140,000 - 1,270,000

Students remaining in Japan for a year or more are required to have coverage under the National Health Insurance Program.

Those who join the National Health program can have most of the cost of their medical treatment covered, with only 30% of the cost of the treatment paid for by the recipient.