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About us


The Houei International Japanese Language Academy will commence classes in April 2013 as the newest and most distinctive Japanese language academy in Miyakonojo in Southern Kyushu, Japan. The academy invites you to learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture in a relaxed, supportive and picturesque environment.

In our academy we will give you the support to reach the N1 level of the JLPT to improve your chances of gaining the license so that you will be able to live and work in Japan practicing your chosen career.

Let us support your career in medical institutions or welfare facilities in Japan, or to go on to higher education in Japan by attaining the ability to speak, read and write to the highest level in the Japanese language.

Messages From Chief Operating Officer


Dear Students,
Welcome to the Houei International Japanese Language Academy, we are looking forward to an exciting and successful first year with you all.

The students who embark on entering the Houei International Japanese Language Academy with the purpose of gaining the Japanese national nurse or caregiver license do so because they are a particularly motivated, ambitious and driven group and precisely because of that they will have the ability to adapt fast to a new environment, and our teaching methods.

Our mission is to educate and prepare our students to become internationally minded individuals who will excel in the field of healthcare in Japan. To ensure this we will aim to create a climate of success for all our students to learn and to achieve their goals, your thirst for knowledge and achievement will serve you well in conquering any physical and psychological barriers you may experience in adapting to a new culture and phase in your life.

Chief operating officer, Leroy Edwards

Academy location


Houei International Japanese Language Academy

appearance of hijla

  • 22-5-3 Sakaemachi,Miyakonojo,Miyazaki,Japan 885-0023
  • TEL : +81-986-36-6039

Travelling from Fukuoka Airport to Miyakonojo to our Japanese language academy will take about three and half hours by Express Bus. First ride on Subway from Fukuoka Airport for about five minutes to Hakata Station, and then buy bus ticket at bus center. It costs approx. 3,000 yen for one way ticket.

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