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About the Houei Group

Elderly-people Welfare Company Houei Group

  • Establishment: 1979
  • Founder: Yutaka Shimizu
  • Employees: 511
  • Address:22-5-1 Sakaemachi,Miyakonojo,Miyazaki,Japan 885-0023
  • TEL : +81-986-24-1423
  • FAX : +81-986-24-1439
  • URL :http://www.houei-group.or.jp

Advancing welfare services to prepare for a super-aging society

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The complete,comprehensive health care facility services as well as the medical care services of the Houei clinic have been continuously developed over the last 34 years .They have been supporting the elderly to spend their lives with a sense of purpose and security.

Medical services to assist the characteristic diseases of the elderly

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Medical care services that are accountable for community health care, to provide the most effective medical services in order to correspond to the distinctive health conditions amongst the elderly, such as dementia and rehabilitation dental consultation.

Implementation of 'Long-Term care' system


Implementation of 'Long-Term care', which enables the continuous provision of optimal welfare and medical services to the elderly; from the healthy to the terminal stage.

Achieving happiness through human resource development

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In the rapidly growing aging population of Asian countries, the Houei Group, as one of the most advanced welfare and medical service providers in Japan has been actively engaged in establishing an educational corporation and Japanese Language academy to train the future elderly welfare service providers.

Rich and pleasant living environment

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Our NPO has been to developing industry-academic-government joint research projects advance the health and well-being of the population of healthy elderly, Through our 'Paid volunteer work system' which acts with to help improve the quality of life of the elderly ,whilst our Volunteers whilst gain their reward in the future 'Paid volunteer work system' to create a better living environment for the elderly.